• About Me

    This page is about me!

    My parents named me Jennifer (no middle name) Richards. Some people call me Jen, some call me Jenny and some call me Jennifer. Some, on the other hand, don’t call me at all…although that could possibly be because they don’t know me? I like to think all three names encompass a certain alter-ego, a set of character traits to distinguish one ego from the other. Let me dissect these characters for you:


    My caring, nurturing, dependable and curious personality.
    Jenny is obsessed with baking!
    Jenny dotes on two beautiful nieces and two scruffy, but adorable, nephews.
    Jenny is full of awe and fascination about everyone and everything. She is a “ponderer”, quite pensive and full of thought, hence you may have to repeat things to her a few times before she hears you.
    If Jenny had to bake something to replicate this personality, it would be a food that’s familiar, comforting and humble…like a good old-fashioned chocolate cake with fluffy chocolate frosting to match.
    Chocolate Cake Recipe


    My professional, slash, serious self if you will.

    Jennifer has two degrees: one in Commerce and the other in Primary/Secondary school education. She has completed some short-courses in photography and uses a Canon 7D to capture most of her images. (Just quietly though, her iPhone is also a partner in crime when it comes to capturing some super amazing images)

    Jennifer was a teacher for 6 years in both Australia and the UK.

    Jennifer started taking baking seriously when she worked as a chalet host/cook in the French Alps.

    If Jennifer had to bake something to replicate this personality, she would definitely bake scones or a Victoria Sponge; they’re both all technique and austerity…although mighty delicious!
    Scones Recipe


    My eccentric and zealous self.

    Jen is loud, energetic and full of nonsense. She talks aimlessly about random topics that often only make sense to herself.

    Jen sees the world in cartoon and transforms every day occurrences into whimsical fairytales (i.e. that snail you just walked by, his name is actually Bob, and he just finished combatting an evil witchery-grub war lord down by the petunias). For this reason Jen is responsible for all the stories you’ll find on this website. She hopes to become a published children’s book author one day.

    Jen has a million ideas running through her head at once, so she carries around a pen and paper to quickly jot down ideas before her head self combusts.

    Jen relies on Jennifer to bring her down to earth.

    If Jen had to make something to replicate this personality, it would be something that’s spicy, fizzy, fun and messy. Maybe a chocolate and chilli truffle or something sweet and covered in sherbet.
    Chocolate Ancho Chili Truffles Recipe

    And that, in a nutshell, is me! I’m a teacher, waitress, baker, writer, photographer, small business owner. If you’re not sure which name to use, just call me Triple J. Jen+Jenny+Jennifer = JJJ = Triple J