What’s been missing from your life?

    If you said a Chocolate Crackle Piñata you’d be abso-crackle-loutely correct!!!
    In my You-Tube clip below (ahoy below there!) I show you how to make your very own Chocolate Crackle Piñata…holy happy piñata!!!

    For the chocolate crackle recipe, revisit my Chocolate Crackle post…obviously!!! But below I’ll further explain how to assemble your Chocolate Crackle Piñata of sensation-ment!

    How to make your Chocolate Crackle Piñata of Sensation-ment!

    • Make your chocolate crackle mixture using this recipe.
    • Get yourself an empty cake tin of any shape you like. In this post I’m using a good ol’ Dolly Varden tin. But I’ve also used square and circle tins. I find the Dolly Varden tin works extremely well because it’s deep and you can fit lots of lollies in it.
    • Lay the tin on its side and spoon in some crackle mixture. Push it gently onto the sides of the tin. Rotate the tin slowly and continue spooning in more mixture and gently pushing it onto the tin’s side. Do this all the way around the edges, leaving it hollow in the middle. We’re creating a hollow chocolate crackle structure here folks, so we can fill it up with lollies once it’s set.

    • Put your tin into the fridge to set for a while. If you want some added strength to the crackle structure, brush the inside with some melted chocolate…like chocolate crackle cement! This will make it trickier for people to smash up when it comes to walloping the bejeckles out or your chocolate crackle piñata. Plus who doesn’t like extra chocolate?

    • Leave the crackle piñata in the fridge to set for about an hour. Remove from the fridge. Wipe the outsides of the tin with a hot cloth to help loosen the mixture inside the tin. Turn your tin over and the chocolate crackle piñata should slide out. If not, wipe the outside of the tin with a hot cloth again and try to remove it once more.

    • Last but not least…decorate the outside of the piñata any way you like. Turn it into an alien, a spaceship, a sea-horse, a tequila drinking rabbit…whatever you wish! Then fill the inside with lollies, and get your party guests to smash it up!

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      I am in love with this Jen. It is adorable!

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