• The Best Scones in the Entire Galaxy

    This blog is about a planet very familiar to you all, it’s the planet Earth. Let me tell you some sciency facts about this planet of ours we call home…

    If you traveled to outer space in a rocket, this is actually what the earth really looks like.

    1. The earth’s width measures 12,755km across
    2. Earth is one of nine planets (I refuse to believe Pluto is not a planet) and is third closest to the sun.
    3. 30% of Earth’s surface is covered by land and 70% by water
    4. The Earth has one moon and it is named Luna
    5. The Earth is, in fact, not really round. It is called an oblate spheroid meaning it’s slightly flattened on the top and bottom poles.
    6. There are 10 million species of life on earth!
    7. There are approximately 7.025 billion people inhabiting this planet.
    8. So kids, interesting facts right?
    9. Well let me tell you one more. Did you know that the earth is 4.54 billion years old? Whoa, that’s older then your Nana!
    10. In all of those 4.54 billion years, some amazing things have happened….
    11. Civilisations have been and gone.
    12. Empires have ruled and been overthrown.
    13. Living species and creatures have thrived and then completely disappeared.

    Amazing discoveries have been made…

    1. The laws of motion
    2. The recent discovery of the Higgs Boson Partical
    3. Penicillion
    4. Darwin’s theory of natural selection
    5. This list could go on forever…
    6. Higgs Boson

    Amazing inventions have been created…

    1. The Airplane
    2. Velcro
    3. X-ray machines
    4. The telephone
    5. And my favourite…the KitchenAid
    6. KitchenAid

    Yep, no doubt about it, this planet of ours is insane!!!!!!! (oh and that’s in a good way)

    But, after all these years, we…the 7.025 billion of us…are still trying to master one very simple activity. It doesn’t require sending people into space. It doesn’t involve loads of expensive tools and machinery. It certainly doesn’t need hours of preparation and research to create. What could this simple activity be?

    Well, it’s the activity of making the perfect scone!

    The discovery of all discoveries – Scones that rise so high, they topple

    I have heard a million stories of horror and disaster when it comes to making these little beasts.

  • They don’t rise
  • They’re hard as rocks
  • They taste like rocks
  • Etc
  • Well let me shed some light on this problem. And by light, I mean a solution. I have made the discovery of all discoveries. Can you imagine how Howard Carter felt when he discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb? Well multiply this by 1,461 and you will know exactly how I felt when I discovered a recipe that made the perfect scone. A scone that’s delicate, flakey and insanely buttery. It’s so delicious, that you can even eat them without any jam or cream…and I know this to be true, because that’s what my housemate told me.

    These scones rise so high, that they even begin to topple over in the oven when you bake them…no word of a lie. Look for yourselves.

    I found this recipe in the SBS food magazine called FEAST. It’s in Issue 10 and a man called Matthew Evans created it…what a legend!

    Here’s the most important tip when making these scones, and I’m going to write this in capital letters because it is so, so, so, so important. It’s the secret to the crisp flakiness that makes these scones so bedazzling.


    RECIPE – The Best Scones in the Entire Galaxy


    • 540g self raising flour
    • 1tsp salt
    • 4tsp castor sugar
    • 160g chilled butter
    • 300ml thickened cream
    • 100g natural yoghurt
    • milk to brush


    1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Place flour, salt and sugar in a bowl.
    2. Add the butter and rub into the flour mixture until about half rubbed in.
    3. Don’t overwork mixture, as you want some bigger bits of butter.
    4. Add the cream and yoghurt, then knead until the dough just comes together. Place on a floured work surface.
    5. Using a rolling pin, hit dough a few times, then roll to form a rough square. Fold in half, then turn it clockwise 45 degrees.
    6. Hit and roll dough again to form another rough square. Repeat the folding, turning, hitting and rolling process twice more. Fold again, then hit it and roll dough until 2cm thick.
    7. Using a 6.5cm scone cutter, cut out rounds from the dough and place them on a floured baking tray, close enough together so the scones will touch gently.
    8. Knead dough offcuts together (be careful not to over work them though). Roll until 2cm thick and cut out more scones. Continue re-rolling and cutting offcuts until all the dough is used up.
    9. Brush the scones with milk and bake for 10-12 minutes or until starting to colour on the top and base. Set aside to cool.
    10. Pull the scones apart and spread with your choice of topping.


    1. Peter W Roberts - reply

      You sorely tempt me with your mastery, the scones are astounding, I need jam and cream Stat. I will go now and dream of a time when Earl Grey and me discover the scone centre of the universe.

    2. Louise G - reply

      I am totally loving what you are doing here. You are very creative! I was going to make scones this weekend, so now I will be using your recipe!

    3. Cassandra Troja - reply

      Your recipe, together with my eternal lust for everything English inspired me to bake scones!

      I feel the natural yoghurt prevented the crumbles which always ruins a good scone experience.


    4. Jordanna - reply

      What a beautiful blog!! Love reading!

      Just made these to serve to the boys while watching the game!
      OMG!! I have never made scones before and now I am a scone artist so they think (thanks to you)! They are amazing none of that zingy bitter after taste some scones usually have, just buttery crunch through and through. Must admit the thump and turn 45 had me a little confused ( was always bad at maths remember?!) but so worth the banging folding turning!!! Keep doing what you are doing cause I love it!!
      Jordanna (jordy) xxx

      • mumbleandrumbles - reply

        Hey Jordy
        These scones are fan-flippin-tastic!!! Glad you liked them. I’ve been slack with this blog lately because I’ve had so much else going on. I’ve got heaps of stories up my sleeve, I’ve just got to get a move on and post them to my blog. If only there were more hours in the day. Love to you xoxo

    5. Wendy Scarrott - reply

      I made these scones today – hard to believe with all the thumping and rolling that they would come out nice …. but they were BEAUTIFUL! *YUM YUM*

      • mumbleandrumbles - reply

        Wendy…I’m so glad you persisted…these scones are the bomb. So glad you enjoyed xo

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